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50 Party Themes For Adults

Whenever I’m planning a party, the first thing I do is choose a theme. Partly because it makes it so much easier for me to plan the rest of the party (I can then simply choose food, drinks and decorations to loosely fit the theme) but mainly because I know that most people l-o-v-e themed parties!

There are a lot of fun party ideas out there, many of them perfect for kids or college parties, but if you’re looking for something a bit more grown up than a Frozen theme and more unique than a classic Toga shindig, here are my top 50 party themes for adults:

♥ Wes Anderson Movies – so many great characters to choose from!

♥ Oktoberfest – bring the famous German beer festival to your house.
♥ Midsummer’s Night Dream – or a ‘Shakespeare’ party
♥ Steampunk party
♥ Woodstock ’69
♥ Jazz Age lawn party

♥ Voodoo party
♥ Color party – pick any color of your choice
♥ House of Horrors
♥ ‘Love Boat’ party
♥ Wine & Cheese Tasting party
♥ ‘Night Circus’ party – this one is definitely on my to-host list!

♥ Champagne Party – especially great for NYE.
♥ Make Up Your Own Super Hero party
♥ Christmas in July
♥ When I grow up I want to be…(a nice twist on the old ‘uniforms’ theme)
♥ Cabaret/Burlesque
♥ Outdoor Movie Night

♥ Havana Nights – Cuban inspired food, music and drinks, what’s not to love really?
♥ Game Of Thrones party – Winter is coming.
♥ I love NY! party (or any city of your choice)
♥ Retro Tiki party
♥ A Night in Monte Carlo (Casino Glam’ theme)
♥ Old Hollywood (could also be an ‘old hollywood oscar party’ where you award fake Oscars to your guests)
♥ Mad Men (or simply 60’s) Cocktail Party

♥ Bon Voyage
♥ Wild Wild West Party
♥ Vampire Ball party
♥ Tequila mockingbird party – guests dress up as classic literary characters but with an alcohol twist.
♥ DIY Spa Party – perfect for a girls night in!
♥ Sherlock Holmes Murder mystery Party

♥ Quentin Tarantino party
♥ Black Sails (Pirates) party
♥ Greek Mythology
♥ A night in Wonderland (a darker take on Alice in wonderland)
♥ Seven Deadly Sins
♥ 1001 nights/ Moroccan inspired party

♥ Mardi Gras
♥ Ugly Sweater party
♥ Rags to riches
♥ 70’s glam pool party (for those lucky enough to have a pool)
♥ ‘I can’t believe your wore that out’ party – guests wear the craziest outfit they can think of using things they already own.
♥ A Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette party

♥ Round the world party
♥ Harajuku party – take inspiration from Japan’s famous neighborhood.
♥ Venetian Ball (Masquerade)
♥ Apres-ski party (think fondue, snow pants, mulled wine, etc)
♥ 5o’s American Diner party
♥ Glamping party – turn your backyard into a glam’ camping paradise (adult with kids will love that one too!)
♥ 80’s Prom – the dresses! the hair! the music! Yes.

What’s the best themed party you’ve ever attended? Do you have any favorite ideas from the above list?

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